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The typeface of the text is one of the most important elements for all marketing communication materials: brochures, articles on the web, emails, etc. Glyphs of serif fonts, as the term is used in CSS, tend to have finishing strokes, flared or tapering ends, or have actual serifed endings (including slab serifs). Traditionally, Web typography […]

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Leverage Browser Cache and Minimize DNS requests with OMGF (Optimize My Google Fonts, formerly known as CAOS for Webfonts). Sans-Serif fonts don’t have any extra features. I’m using the newer Gutenberg editor, and when I make a block a heading, it defaults to H2. With my theme, this looks too big (practically the same size […]

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HTML5 and CSS3 add a few more tricks to simplify validation, and they are absolutely wonderful. Follow a simple rule of thumb —find the two typefaces that have one thing in common but are otherwise vastly different. Font-face is a CSS property that allows you to load a custom font on a webpage. This algorithm […]

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Compatibility table for support of @font-face Web fonts in desktop and mobile browsers. The unicode range given above is specific for Tamil characters, by doing this the browser only uses the font for Tamil text and uses a different font for English text. If your fonts are already included in another stylesheet you can also […]

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You might have noticed a little change to our Text tool when we rolled out the newest version of our Creative Platform Don’t be alarmed, because it’s actually more intuitive than ever! The font-family descriptor defines the font family name that will be used in all CSS font family name matching, and the src descriptor […]