It’s up to the people to decide what new technologies are going to take 2018 by storm and which ones will ultimately be forgotten. Many people have hesitated to delete Facebook because doing so felt futile. Facebook is an all-in-one place for discovering local events, reading news, watching videos and staying connected to friends and family. The company also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the largest photo-sharing and messaging services.

The neighborhood, called Quayside, is Sidewalk’s first big project. It will start life on a 12-acre plot mostly owned by Waterfront Toronto —a local development agency founded by Canada’s federal, provincial, and municipal governments—and is expected to house an estimated 5, 000 people. Later development could expand to a neighboring 700-plus-acre parcel of industrial waterfront and involve tens of thousands of residents. All of our thinking and decisions on Quayside are shaped by the question ‘What do 21st-century technologies enable us to do better? ‚” says Aggarwala.

2018 Emerging Technology Conference Now more than ever, technology has the potential to revolutionize the world as we experience it. The digital breakthroughs of the last decade have set the foundation for a future that is safer, happier, and more efficient.

AI is one of the greatest tech trends at the present time, and anyone with strong tech startup ideas in the area of machine learning can possibly follow huge startup investment rounds, as well as to be acquired by the likes of Google, Salesforce or Apple, all of which have acquired more than 40 tech start-ups related to AI.